Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting up with members of the community who know my Grandparents. I’m unsurprised to learn how much they  have touched so many lives for good, and I am so proud and thankful to have grown up witnessing their strong example of living out lives that seek to glorify God, serve others, and love unconditionally. From giving of their time and resources to their home church to paying for others’ to achieve their educational goals, my Grandparents have always valued education, respected others, and have taken care of each other and all of their family members so well. They have always been there for me with advice and provision in ways that span cultural experiences, financial assistance, and many, many lunches and dinners. My Granddaddy rarely let a moment escape to tell stories, give advice, and reprimand, if necessary. Some of my family members and I would always brace ourselves for the next lecture or opportunity for these storytellers to impart their wisdom. At times, an eye roll or giggle might occur when we could see one of these opportunities on the horizon.

Granddaddy now struggles through some of the details of his experiences, and unlike in the past, my Grandma can’t help. She oftentimes struggles to form coherent thoughts and speech. Grandma has always been quiet and even emotionally unavailable, at times. Traits that I inherited, so I understand. But now, she is involuntarily absent. I haven’t gotten the chance to learn everything I wanted from her, but what I have learned, I will always cherish and seek to live out those precepts.

I just returned from a breathtaking trip to Scotland. During my time there, I thought about my Granddaddy nearly the entire time. I was able to spend some time in the heritage center to learn more about our Scottish heritage. My Granddaddy doesn’t know it yet, but it’s my turn to tell some stories. He’s going to be so excited! 

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