Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m going at this dream with 110%. But, I’m also not quitting my day job. Smile.

I’ve sold things on eBay before. I made over 1k over the span of a few weeks by just cleaning out my closet of a few worn out designer handbags that I had not carried in years. So, creating Sarah B Boutique and joining Poshmark ( is not an unrealistic or haphazard venture. But, I also know I won’t be a millionaire from selling beautiful things via eCommerce.

Remember when I mentioned the stacks of dollar bills and the letter from my Grandma about chasing a dream (once firmly established in reality!)??? Well, this is it. I’m not cashing in the dollar bills because those have come to represent tangible evidence of my Grandma’s memories. I hold them in my hand and remember Sarah (or Skrippy to some of you who know her), just as she held each one and thought of me. 

So, I’ve matched the dollar amount of my own money as a startup to this dream. I’d like to make that money back (and so would my husband). We teach for our small living, after all, and I’m in a way too expensive (but awesome) doctoral program at Vanderbilt. But, every time I create a listing or follow another Poshmark seller, I think about how Sarah, my precious Grandma, inspired me to chase a dream. As far as reality, I’m really chasing this…with everything. Sarah would expect nothing less.

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