What is it about making a sale that is so exhilarating? Sure, the money is nice, but I’ve been reflecting on what it means to me. I believe there is some sense of belonging, acceptance, and being known. There is an incredible amount of gratitude that goes along with making a sale, too. My little known existence to the world, yet someone found my closet or my website and decided to trust me and make a purchase from me.

As I go along on this venture, I do not want to lose sight of that. As I carefully package each item sold, I think about the person I am sending it to, and I am hoping they love it just as much as I do (really, I hope they love it even more). That is where I continue to find inspiration. Making a sale is inspirational! It is energy to keep going. Oh, and I absolutely love making pretty packages, and I hope each customer finds joy as they open it.

Poshmark Closet:

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